Barren Nieces Updates

(Edited to fix link issues and my atrocious “phone grammar.”)

In approximately one week I will begin recording four songs that will be released on a 7” piece of vinyl later this year. I believe it will be called Collar Bones. Tom Filardo from the wonderful, eponymous band Filardo and Stephen Steinbrink of French Quarter will be engineering this endeavor. It will include 3 new songs and a loose cover of Sam Amidon’s “Prodigal Son.”

Lascivious Occupations was included in a Best (?) Records of 2011 list by this blog. Joshua James, the blogger in question, is the songwriter behind a great project from Olympia called Letters. The show I played at his house in November was probably my favorite of 2011.

Speaking of such thigns, my favorite record of the year was a split cassette featuring Brumes and Antecessor. Spaced out music for foggy daydreams, or a soundtrack for insomnia. Also Biophilia by Bjork.