The Perfume Genius show in San Francisco is sold out, and I’m just gonna cry about it. 

Other than that : see ya soon AZ. I think I fucked up on dates earlier — dj@pv is allegedly on Oct 30, not 28, so fix that in yr calendars or whatever. 

When in a romance someone has sex and then says to the lover, “You make me feel safe,” we understand that she means that there’s been an emotional compensation to neutralize how unsafe and close to the abject sex makes her feel. “You make feel safe” means that I can relax and have fun where I am also not safe, where I am too close to the ridiculous, the disgusting, the merely weird, or — simply too close to having a desire. But some situations are riskier than others, as the meanings of unsafe sex change according to who’s having the sex.

—Lauren Berlant — “Neither monstrous nor pastoral, but scary and sweet”

Coming to a Tempe location near you

I’ll be performing three times in the Phoenix area later this month:

October 25 as Barren Nieces with Stephen Steinbrink and Two People at Double Nickel. 90-100% new material. This is a fundraiser for my friend Inky to continue her thesis project, so bring big $$$ and big hearts.

October 28 as Nora A. Reben at dj@pv - the spooky edition. Free.

October 31 as Aaron Neber at ASU as part of Jeff McMahon’s What Is it Worth/Market-Based Memories. $8 (I think).

[the author’s intent is] to lift the diagrammed sentences of narrative fucking, lose the big meaningful words, and mutter asoft like a nun until peace comes.

—Editors’ Note to the newest issue of The New Inquiry magazine, dedicated to Dicks. You should be reading this.

ASU is the worst at publicizing their events, so I’ll try to help them. I barely even went to this school…  

If yr in Arizona, go see the grad dance show tonight or tomorrow. Good friends are performing, doing really good things.  

AND Cherrie Moraga is doing multiple presentations at ASU while I’m in Phoenix, and I am hoping to make it to at least one. Join me. Attn: everyone, but nuts-n-gum, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you post some of her essays, etc. 

[Oct 9-10 ASU Dance Graduate MFA presentations   ”original dance and multimedia pieces created by dance graduate students. In a physically and visually compelling evening, students explore the full spectrum of dance theatre, challenging notions about traditional and experimental art.”

Oct17-26 THE HUNGRY WOMAN: A MEXICAN MEDEA Lyceum Theatre on Tempe Campus. Written by Cherrie Moraga and directed by Dora Arreola. “reimagines the Medea story in a post-revolutionary Phoenix and deftly weaves together themes of Chicana/o, Native American and lesbian cultural identities with the myths of the Mexican La Llorona, the Aztec Coatlicue and the Greek tragic hero. Mature content.”

Oct 24 Cherrie Moraga, author of THE HUNGRY WOMAN (see our production above) leads a public reading and dialogue on “On the road to Xicana Consciencia”  ASU Tempe Lyceum Theatre  4:30pm

Oct 25 Cherrie Moraga leads a post-show discussion after THE HUNGRY WOMAN “Inter-Generations”

Oct 25 Cherrie Moraga teaches a workshop in Community Writing “Out of Place”  from 10:30am-1:30pm at 1 Spot Gallery, 918 E. 6th St. Phoenix. Please rsvp for workshop to <performanceintheborderlands@gmail.com>]



i’ve been an english major for 3 years how is this the first time i’ve heard this story

Look, there’s two sides to every story, okay, and I don’t think it’s fair to cast aspersions on just ONE of these guys when CLEARLY things were VERY COMPLICATED and there were DEFINITELY SIGNALS and TENSION that were RECIPROCAL and I just think you really have to look past the drama to see that love is a nuanced thing that maybe isn’t best understood at the time but you know in a few weeks or months or years Hawthorne realized what he’d lost and regretted it, and that it was his loss, and like, yeah. 

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The gloom says,

The gloom says,