Going away present from a.l.c.

Going away present from a.l.c.

Taking Off, in Numbers and One List

Since leaving Phoenix on June 18th

Books purchased: 
Anne Carson — The Albertine Workout
Anne Carson — Nay Rather
Keith Ridgway — Never Love a Gambler
David Harvey — The Condition of Postmodernity
Jean-Francois Lyotard — Driftworks
William Vollmann — Last Stories and Other Stories
Giorgio Agamben — Remnants of Auschwitz 
Jacques Ranciere — The Emancipated Spectator
The State of Things (anthology)
Julia Kristeva — Desire in Language 

Bikes stolen: 1

Bikes retrieved: 1

Jobs applied for: 15+

Interviews had: 5

Job offers: 1 

Jobs accepted: 1

Jobs rejected before offered: 1

Number of times I’ve told Herman, “Buddy, you have to chill” : 10,000+

Number of times I’ve told myself, “Buddy, you have to chill” : 15+

Dinner parties thrown: 1

Pianos lifted: 1

Strangers (purposefully) conversed with: 11+

Coffees drunk: 12+ 

Beers drunk: 25+ 

Miles biked: my brain says 40-50, my thighs say 400-500

If you live in the Phoenix Metro area, you want to be at this free, 9pm show on Friday the 13th. 

If you live in the Phoenix Metro area, you want to be at this free, 9pm show on Friday the 13th. 



Karl Marx is accused of being outdated by the champions of a capitalism rapidly reverting to Victorian levels of inequality.

Terry Eagleton (via redplebeian)

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Live /\/ Alone, by Barren Nieces

New Barren Nieces songs are available as one, long track. Give them a listen, give it a download, share, steal, pass off as your own. 


"Our faith that our work offers non-material rewards, and is more integral to our identity than a ‘regular’ job would be, makes us ideal employees when the goal of management is to extract our labor’s maximum value at minimum cost." (Sarah Brouillette, qtd in essay)

This is the best essay I’ve read in a long time. It should be read by every artist, academic and low-wage worker that I know.

Amusement under late capitalism is the prolongation of work. It is sought after as an escape from the mechanized work process, and to recruit strength in order to be able to cope with it again. But at the same time mechanization has such power over a man’s leisure and happiness, and so profoundly determines the manufacture of amusement goods, that his experiences are inevitably after-images of the work process itself.

—Adorno & Horkheimer, “The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception”, Dialectic of Enlightenment (via decemberembers)

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Shia may have figured that the best way to explain away bad, bizarre behavior is to claim that it’s satire. In other words, he’s using the Phoenix defense to try to cover his tracks, to veil his indiscretions as complex, cultural commentary.
Regardless, it seems to be fairly clear that LaBeouf is unaware that he’s playing with fire.

Actor/wet squirrel Shia LaBeouf ripped off one of our books, Benoît Duteurtre‘s The Little Girl and the Cigarette.

We discuss what the hell he might have been thinking.

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